{Started} Jio 4G Phone Delivery Date, Time and Location details www.Jio.com


Jio 4G Phone Delivery Date, Time and Location details www.Jio.com

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The much awaited JioPhone now will be launch today. we’ll share officially link of jio 4G phone you can visit this website and book your phone, and which is set to unleash a Digital Life for 500 million feature phone users, will open for pre-booking on 24 August 2017, 5 pm.

Jio 4G Mobile will be soon in the market from September onwards. On the Annual General Meeting of the Reliance India Pvt Ltd on 21st July 2017, the Chairman of the company Mr. Mukesh Ambani has announced the release of this handset. Mr. Mukesh Ambani has also announced the launching of some data plans along with this Mobile which the customer can easily recharge according to their choice. Mr. Mukesh Ambani has launched this wonderful handset on the 40th anniversary of Reliance Group of Industries. Initially, the company will provide some handset in the market in different cities for beta testing.

Jio 4G Mobile Delivery details

Jio Phone Delivery Date, Reliance Jio Mobile Delivery Shipping Time, Jio 4G Phone Track Delivery Status, Reliance Jio Mobile Phone Online Shipping Date

Jio Phone Customer Care

Jio 4g Phone Delivery news

Jio 4G Launch and pre-booking Opening DatesJio 4G Mobile was launched on 21 July 2017 by Mr. Mukesh Ambani the Chairman of the Reliance Jio Group. He inaugurated the Mobile and presented to the first handsets to his children. This handset will cost for Rs 0 which would be the cheapest Mobile of any company till today. This 4G handset of Jio is the one more step in going head in the way of Digital India. The price of this handset will enable it to the reach of almost every citizen of India. Jio 4G mobile delivery details are available here.

This handset will run on the SIM network 4G VoLTE which will connect India to the Digital World. This low budget handset will enable its customers to pay bills and making payments online and hence thus will make India one step forward in the race of being digitalization. The pre-bookings for the Jio 4G Mobile will start from 24 August 2017. The customers can pre-register their free handset from 24the August from the official site of the Reliance Jio. All you need is to deposit Rs 1500 as security while doing registration and which will be further refunded to you after the interval of 36 months.

As seen in the photos, apart from the phone itself, the JioPhone’s box will contain an adapter, a removable battery, a USB cable, a warranty card and a Jio SIM card. It appears that everyone who purchases a JioPhone will get a dedicated SIM card from Jio. However, we have learned from company representatives that you will also be able to use your existing Jio SIM in the JioPhone by opting for one of its dedicated feature phone plans.

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Jio Phone delivery: List of cities where customers may get the Reliance 4G handset first

As the Jio Phone pre booking has been suspended now, all eyes are on the delivery of the Reliance 4G feature phone handset. According to details available, to make the deliveries, Reliance has launched a massive exercise by roping in logistics companies as well as its own workforce. Jio plans to deliver a lakh handsets every day to meet the expected rush. Jio phones are being imported from Taiwan and will land at various locations in India, hence these locations may get the delivery first. Here is the list of some of the locations where Jio phones will land:-

– Mumbai
– Delhi
– Hyderabad
– Ahmedabad
– Kolkata

From these locations, the Jio phones will be sent to Jio Centres and Reliance Digital stores from where they will be directly sent to the dealers. The firm will also use the services other logistic companies to make deliveries of Jio Phone.

Now, however, Jio has paused the bookings, with no indication of when the phone will be up for pre-bookings again. “We will inform you when pre-booking [of Jio Phone] resumes,” a message on the Reliance Jio website reads.

Delivery dates for JioPhone will depend upon how early you book the device, as Reliance Jio is following the first-come, first-serve rule. The company had earlier said it aims to deliver 5 million units of the handset each week, but the demand expected to be high so there is no surety on when the deliveries would be made.

JIO Phone Tracking Order Status & Delivery Date

JioPhone Order Online Tracking

JioPhone was launched with 4G VoLTE support, free unlimited voice calls, and free SMS. To register this phone, customers to pay the refundable deposit amount of Rs 1500 including GST. The Jio 4G Feature phone comes with the microphone, camera, headset, speaker, NFC Support, wifi connectivity, SD Card, detachable battery, and dual SIM Card.

The phone has grabbed the attention of a large number of users and a huge number of people have ordered for JioPhone on jio.com. The mobile will be shipped in the month of September for pre-ordered customers. So, people those have placed the order for JioPhone can track their order by following the JioPhone Tracking online process explained here.

Jio 4G Mobile Delivery date

For the pre-registration of this amazing handset, you have to go to the official site of the Reliance Jio through your web browser and click on the pre- booking for the free Jio 4G Mobile there. A registration form will appear, which required you to fill up with your exact details for the seamless JioPhone Mobile delivery of the Mobile.

You will have to fill your accurate contact number and email address for the future contacts and the address at which you wanted the Jio 4G Mobile delivery along with the exact PIN number. At the end of the registration form, the server will ask to make payments online which you can make according to your choice. A confirmation message will send to the customers describing the successful registration for the Jio 4G free Mobile.

The Jio Phone home delivery of this handset will starts from September 2017. The company has assumed to deliver almost 10 lakh Mobiles per week. Jio 4G Mobiles will be delivered to its customers on first come first serve basis. Earlier will you register the Jio 4G Mobile more will be the chances to get the fastest delivery of this wonderful handset? So, pre-book your handset as soon as the registration starts.

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